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Part of our 100 year celebration is giving back to the communities we serve in a variety of ways. We call it #Play20 and it allows us to live our mission of doing more.

协同作用®想象®Donation to United Way Puerto Rico

把游戏带给世界各地的社区是我们使命的核心,也是我们2020年百年庆典的一部分!在一月份,我们开始了我们的100场比赛year at our Play20 Sales Conference in Puerto Rico where we donated an incredibly engaging Synergy Imagination play structure to the联合路. 尽管疫情导致安装过程延迟,但位于旧圣胡安La Princesa通道上的儿童公园很快就要开始玩了,我们很高兴有这么多的孩子和家庭能享受新的游乐场。加入我们的Play20运动,回馈我们所服务的社区!




One of the organizations we partner with is the丰德杜拉克男孩女孩俱乐部. 他们的使命是通过学术、社会和情感上的支持,使所有年轻人能够充分发挥他们作为富有成效、有爱心、负责任的公民的潜力。我们通过多种方式与他们接触来支持他们的使命,包括我们的总裁/首席执行官Michael Phelan作为董事会的一员,参与营销和活动等委员会的各种伯克员工,以及通过提供参观伯克设施和活动的机会与俱乐部成员建立个人关系了解制造、设计、工程和人力资源方面的各种职业。哦,我们邀请他们来我们“后院”玩所有的伯克设备。我们知道玩对建立健康的身心有多重要。加入我们的运动,因为我们继续我们的使命,使世界成为一个更快乐,更友好,更好玩的地方。亚博娱乐官网


伯克很自豪能继续赞助Play Coalition-促进终身游戏价值的伙伴关系。这是一个由个人和组织组成的组织,这些个人和组织承认游戏是健康和富有成效的生活中有价值和必要的一部分。由于时间不确定,没有旅行政策,今年的会议设计略有不同,但仍然是一种信息丰富的方式,让世界各地的人们通过在线形式联系、分享想法和参与教育课程。伯克的营销传播专家莎拉·利西茨基(Sarah Lisiecki)是该组织指导委员会的成员,她帮助推动了这条道路的发展。





Board & Committee Members of IPEMA

在我们继续庆祝将游戏引入社区100周年之际,我们将继续致力于我们的20幕游戏20计划,以在2020年发展游戏社区。伊佩玛是一个致力于促进游戏的力量和鼓励社区更安全的游戏环境的行业组织。我们是这个组织的一部分Voice of Play,这是一个IPEMA倡议,以多种方式,包括董事会和委员会的职位和产品认证。这是我们努力让世界变得更快乐、更健康、更好玩的方式之一。加入我们的运动,了解更多我们如何回馈!亚博娱乐官网


Walleye周末is our hometown festival and every year we're not only sponsors but also participants in the run! It's a great way to connect with each other and the community. This year looked a little different but it still got Burkies moving and having fun while raising funds for local nonprofits. It's Play That Moves Us and part of our celebration of giving back.


另一天,另一种方式来推动和支持帮助我们社区的组织!第九届向部队致敬Memorial Races offer a variety of race options from 5K to half marathon and this year, Burke was a Battalion Commander sponsor and some Burkies joined in the running fun! This annual event raises money for Salute the Troops of Wisconsin which uses that funding to help Veterans in Fond du Lac, Sheboygan and Dodge counties. It's a great way to keep moving and give back to our community. It's Play That Moves Us!


这个丰德杜拉克男孩女孩俱乐部helps make our community a better place to live and work and, as part of our Play20 campaign, we want to support them in any way we can! As kids return to school, they need supplies and helping them get some important items to make their school year productive and fun is Play That Moves Us!

支持Fondy Fire机器人团队

We’re continuing our Play20 celebration by giving back to the communities we serve! Burke is a proud supporter of the FIRST Robotics Team 2194 -火炉.In addition to being a Premier Sponsor, team members have also interned at Burke to gain experience in Engineering. While the 2020 season was cut short, we look forward to continuing our partnership to advance STEM education and hands-on experience for these talented young people!

NRPA Parks Build Community Sponsor and Supporter

Play20 is about giving back and making the world a happier, kinder, more playful place! We are proud to be a long-time supporter and sponsor of NRPA’s Parks Build Community, a national initiative to transform the value of parks across the nation. The2020公园建设社区项目是佛罗里达州奥兰多的格兰德大街公园。这个社区将很快有一个丰富多彩的游戏环境,让孩子和家庭聚在一起玩!这就是打动我们的游戏!


2020年对伯克来说是一个重要的一年,因为我们将继续庆祝我们的商业100周年!我们的目标很简单——利用游戏的力量,让世界成为一个更快乐、更友善、更好玩的地方。从美国的中心地带开始。我们的首席营销官布莱恩·约翰逊加入了公园咨询委员会for the City of Fond du Lac, focusing on park planning and future use of park land. Parks are a place for communities to come together to learn, grow and play! Follow our Play20 journey of 20 acts of kindness throughout 2020!


Music is a way to bring people together. PlayEnsemble creates musical experiences that accelerate child development intellectually, socially and emotionally as well as enhance overall motor skills, language and literacy. As 2020 continues, so does our Play20 Movement! We installed some of our favorites from the PlayEnsemble collection at County Line Elementary School in Germantown, Wisconsin. This provides the Burke team a research site to observe how students come together to interact, learn and create music in a creative space outdoors. This is Music and Play That Moves Us!




This year is about giving back to communities across the nation and that starts right here in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. To show our appreciation to our hometown healthcare heroes, we provided lunch for the Agnesian Hospital Emergency Department staff! They’re working around the clock battling the COVID-19 pandemic and we’d like to send a big ‘thank you’ for all they’re doing for our community.

Giving Back to United Way

投资于我们生活和工作的社区,支持帮助儿童和家庭的组织是我们使命的核心。伯克很自豪能继续支持丰杜拉克联合路. 我们在公司层面捐款,并为伯克夫妇提供个人捐款的机会!加入我们的Play20运动,与我们一起庆祝我们的商业100周年!






户外休闲空间对我们如此重要mental and physical health and well-being. We’ve realized the deep importance of these places as many of us have returned to the outdoors over the last year for exercise, play and time spent together. Keeping these shared spaces clean and inviting for everyone is a collective responsibility. One of our Burkies cleaned up litter in the area around her local open space that’s used by the community for walking, hiking and running.