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Church Playground Equipment

BCI Burke Church Playground Equipment

First United Methodist of Richardson, TX

Providing a play and recreation space within churches and other faith-based organizations offers members the opportunity to get outdoors together. It also offers children an option to play outside during childcare, camps or festivals. First United Methodist Church (FUMC) in Richardson, TX knows this firsthand and created a space full of fun and variety. Using equipment like the Sound Garden for musical, tactile and auditory development, climbing events to keep kids moving and enhance cognitive planning, strategic thinking and strength building and slides for balance, coordination and just plain fun, FUMC took learning and development outside and make it available to everyone! Children learn best while they play and the church considered the importance of well-designed and developed spaces for kids to grow, move and create experiences that transcend the playground.yabo体育appto get started on your dream play environment.

If Your Church is Looking to Add a Playground to its Facility, Join Our Movement.


Burke设计游乐场,使每个人都嫁给了研究,产品测试和创新,以设计思想的产品,增强所有人,社区,敬拜中心和社区的生活。无论儿童在生活中,Burke都可以帮助他们通过户外游戏发展。我们提供操场设备幼儿园,grade学校,公寓或海斯as well ascity parks.See how the best in play and playgrounds can move you by browsing ourcatalog!

Our team can help get your project started and is with you every step of the way from fundraising to design and installation to inspection. We provide you with the best in 3D renderings and materials you can use to get your congregation excited and engaged in the project.Contact us and let’s build your dream playground together!

Playground Equipment Grants For Churches

If you are looking for a playground equipment grant for your church, we can help!Search我们的完整的和最新的数据库Federal, State and Private Foundation grants for churches in the eight categories: After-School, At-Risk/Character, Community Involvement/Volunteerism, Early Childhood, General Education, Health/PE, Family Services and Facilities/Maintenance.