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The Great Play Giveaway

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将发挥我们服务的社区是什么we love and what we do. We’re excited to announce the City of Nacogdoches as the 2020 Great Play Giveaway winner! As the oldest town in Texas and designated as the Garden Capital of the Lone Star State, Nacogdoches is full of natural beauty, history, creeks and trails that make it a great place to live and work. Adding a new Burke playground to this robust outdoor offering is a great way to encourage children, families and community members to spend time outside together playing, developing and having fun! Congratulations, City of Nacogdoches, we know this playground will move you!



Burke has a passion for bringing the Best in Play to communities around the world! We are excited to announce Brian McKenna, Superintendent of Parks for the Rolling Meadows Park District, as the winner of 2019 Great Play Giveaway presented by Parks & Recreation Business and Camp Business Magazine! Burke encourages all recreation departments and camps to enter to win a playground for their community that will help children develop skills that transcend the playground, including problem solving, cognitive planning and exploration. As the winner, the District received a brand-new Nucleus®/Intensity® playground valued at almost $30,000!

When McKenna received the call that he had won the playground, he couldn’t believe it. “I’m grateful for the gift of this playground as it will be a welcome addition to our parks system and allow us to increase play opportunities for the children. Adding more spaces for our community to get out and play is what we do and we’re excited to install this new playground for everyone to use.”

2018 Great Play Giveaway Winner


BCI Burke很高兴地宣布杰夫斯斯科格,康沃尔郡康沃尔斯村,威斯康星州威斯康星州作为公园&rec商业和营地商业杂志的伟大戏剧赠品的获胜者!作为获胜者,村庄将收到一个近30,000美元的全新核/强度游乐场!

The village is planning to install the playground behind their community center to provide an additional place for children and families to gather and play.


2017 Great Play Giveaway Winner


We are so excited to announce Gustavo Vergara, Culture and Leisure Services Director, from the City of Cape Canaveral as the winner of the Great Play Giveaway presented by Parks & Recreation Business and Camp Business Magazine! As the winner, the City will receive a brand-new Nucleus®/Intensity® playground valued at almost $30,000!


Cape Canaveral Mayor,Bob Hoog说,“代表城市Canaveral城市,我很感激有机会通过与这个惊人的礼物积极玩耍来增强孩子的生活。游乐场将是一个受欢迎的加州圣所公园,这是我们的旗舰河滨公园。游乐场将改善游客的用户体验,多年来,我们感谢Northstar Publishing和BCI Burke举办比赛。来自夏令营计划的儿童选择了配色方案,很高兴看到他们的选择来实现。“



Bringing play to communities is what moves us at Burke to come to work every day and drives our passion to develop the best products and design the most inspired playgrounds! Last year, we decided to partner with Parks & Recreation Business and Camp Business Magazine to giveaway a playground to a community! So much FUN! The Town of Shallotte, NC won a playground that fit perfectly into their plan to add to the playground already planned for Mulberry Park!


“This is an exciting time for us in Powell,” said Bowers, Assistant Director of Parks. “Our community is vibrant and we pride ourselves on providing outdoor spaces for the whole family. Winning this playground from Burke allows us to complete an outdoor playspace much sooner than we otherwise would have, giving our residents one more place to stay active and engaged.”

We hope the City of Powell enjoys their new play equipment as much as we enjoyed providing it to them!



The Town of Shallotte’s 10-acre Mulberry Park will be a more active play space thanks to Rachel Johnson, the Parks & Recreation and Business Promotional Coordinator for the Town of Shallotte! Rachel is the Grand Prize winner of the Great Play Giveaway, presented by Parks & Recreation Business and Camp Business Magazine. The Burke Intensity® playground she won includes all new play events from our fitness product line, which is designed to challenge and exercise children’s bodies while they play. A selection of climbers, spinners and overhead events make up this active and fun playground for families to enjoy while spending time together outdoors!

“游乐场和公园在BCI Burke公司总裁兼首席执行官Michael Phelan说,游乐场和公园在为家庭聚集并获得艰难的时间来说,可以发挥重要作用。”“我们很高兴能够与Northstar Publishing,Inc。的合作伙伴,并提供一个值得拥有的游乐场,该游乐场将提供时间享受,”迈克尔补充道。