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School Playground Equipment

友谊学习中心 - North Fond du Lac,Wi

Play is the work of childhood and children learn best and most naturally through play. Schools are critical to communities and help everyone find the best of themselves through play. If it’s an outdoor classroom you seek, look no further, we will design a holistic learning experience for your students. North Fond du Lac School District had a goal to create a play environment that offered play variety and accommodate differing abilities. In addition to the playspace, they also wanted to move some education to an outdoor space. The school district turned to BCI Burke to design a new space that helped children play and learn together outdoors. The result is an 18,000 square foot inclusive playspace with equitable access points and play variety that includes swinging, spinning, sliding, climbing and spaces for musical exploration.yabo体育appto get started on your dream play environment.

If Your School is Looking to Add a Playground, Join Our Movement.

Children learn through play and gain incredible benefits that transcend the playground and last a lifetime. At Burke, we work with schools to create spaces that help children ages 5 to 12 learn, gain confidence, cooperate and socialize. We strive to create playground sets where everyone can thrive and find the best of themselves through play. Schools are an incredibly important part of a child’s development and serve as pillars in the community.yabo体育app我们会帮助您建立一个游戏环境,帮助孩子们身心,社会,情感和认知!

Playground Equipment Grants For Schools

If you are looking for a playground equipment grant for your school, we can help!Searchour complete and up-to-date database of Federal, State and Private Foundation grants in the eight categories: After-School, At-Risk/Character, Community Involvement/Volunteerism, Early Childhood, General Education, Health/PE, Family Services and Facilities/Maintenance.

Going Beyond the Schoolyard

无论儿童在生活中,Burke都可以帮助他们通过户外游戏发展。我们提供操场设备幼儿园,churches,apartments or HOAsas well ascity parks.我们的设计are innovative thoughtful products that inspire everyone to move.